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I'm Autumn Aldrich, and I am a bullet journal and lifestyle influencer. In addition to sharing my spreads and layouts on Instagram, I own a small sticker business on Etsy, called Autumn Aldrich Studios.

akitori studios

For the next year, I worked on building my business on Etsy - by April 2020, I had prints, notebooks, necklaces, and masks in shop. 

After nearly two years of trying to grow my account with illustration, I realized it wasn’t really working the way I wanted it to. I was losing interest in painting, and it began to feel like more of a burden than a hobby. In the end of September 2020, I transferred over to the bullet journal community in hopes for a new start for my brand and business. At this time, I also put a pause on updating Akitori Studios.

the beginning

The beginning of my journey dates back to February 2019. I have always loved art and keeping myself organized, but I decided to start my Instagram account to share my illustrations. I was inspired to start painting after my mom started her own art account a year before. After a few months of developing my style, I quickly fell in love with being able to create whatever I liked through painting. That was when I first decided to turn four of my floral pieces into prints, thus beginning my creative business, Akitori Studios.
notebook 1.jpg

bullet journaling

I've been bullet journaling since the beginning of 2019 and created plan with me videos on YouTube throughout 2020. Since illustration wasn't working out for me, I figured that I should focus more on bullet journaling. For the next few months, I developed my style and worked on improving my doodles. In addition to the creative part, I was also able to create and explore new bullet journal systems to see what worked best in order to keep my life organized.

autumn aldrich studios

During the summer of 2021, I decided to start up Etsy again. Since Akitori Studios didn't work out too well and I had already taken a different path with bullet journaling, I decided to start up and entirely new business too. autumn aldrich studios was founded and i began selling stickers.
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